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MincoTherm (Rice Hull Ash) is a proven high temperature insulating powder of controlled variable mesh size for ladles and tundish. MincoTherm's high melting point and inert nature prevents its melting at normal casting temperatures, therefore reducing slag formation, crust buildup and slag attack on ladles, tundishes, shrouds, covers, porous plugs and equipment.

Packaging: Bags


For fully efficient EBT tap hole fillers. Magfill sand forms a fully sealed efficient refractory plug on the spout surface, with minimum sub-surface sintering below and fused layer, for greater tapping efficiency and improved productivity.

Packaging: Bags and Super Sacks


Macrovibe is a dry vibratable backfill that is dust-free for a cleaner, healthier work environment during installation. Macrovibe is offered in a range of compositions from 50% to 85% alumina and 66% to 92% magnesia.

Packaging: Bags and Super Sacks


Macrorams are monolithics that are manufactured with selected magnesia, dolomite, bauxite, alumina and proprietary binders and are used to fill the gaps around well blocks and between the ladle floor and walls. They are supplied in semi-dry state and installed with pneumatic rammers to achieve optimum density.

Packaging: Bags and Super Sacks


Microtherm is a highly efficient insulating material, manufactured with microporous particles. It is used widely in steel, non-ferrous and glass industries, as well as in applications, flight recorders and aircraft engines. It comes in several forms: panels, flexible panels, block and pipe sections, or it may be custom-made into formed shapes and for specific applications.

Packaging: Various


These high quality refractories are designed for specific zones in the ladle and furnace.  They are supplied as brick, dry-vibratables, ramming, patching and sealing mixes, as well as sprays.

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