Steel Mill Products | Sensors For Molten Metals

To ensure the quality of molten steel, its temperature and chemical composition must be constantly monitored. Immersion sensors take precise measurements of these parameters and relay their results within seconds.

Fast, accurate, and reliable liquid metal temperature readings are indispensable tools for cost-effective temperature control during steel production.


Accurate and dependable, expendable immersion lances for molten metal temperature measurement.

Available In: small and large diameter.

Oxygen Probes

Celox probes are designed to measure oxygen levels from 1 ppm to 2500 ppm. With the emphasis on clean steel production, the oxygen activity measurement has become a valuable tool in monitoring steel quality.

Available In: high level, low level and small diameter.

Immersion Sampler

Provides a smooth surface and homogeneous sample.

Available In: disc only, disc and pin, and dual thickness.


Time saving, instant analysis provides information on carbon content, bath temperature, liquids temperature with a single immersion.

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