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Karrich Industries is dedicated to servicing and supplying foundry, steel mills, surface preparation and construction industries in Canada and the United States.

As a one-stop shop Karrich is a full-service distribution centre offering a broad range of high quality products to meet customers' specific needs.

Over the last few decades Karrich Industries has become the leader in foundry and steel mill supply, and recently expanded into new markets servicing the surface preparation, construction and abrasive industries. Built on providing superior service, high quality products and technical expertise, Karrich Industries has become a leader in its field and is proud of their commitment to their customers.

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Our Products

Foundry Products

Karrich Industries prides itself on carrying top of the line products for all phases of the metal casting process. We cater to all foundries, big or small, and the depth of our product line is extensive. Whether it is melting, mold and core making, or cleaning and finishing, we can supply it.

Steel Mill Products

Karrich Industries diverse line of products are suited to almost every aspect of the steelmaking process. We source only the highest quality products and work closely with our vendors.

Surface Preparation Products

Karrich Industries experienced technical sales team can help troubleshoot your coating problems and advise on the right product to suit your needs.

Mulch Colourant

Karrich Industries mulch colourants provide superior color strength, longevity to UV exposure, as well as consistency through the use of any automated or manual mulch colourant system.